Social Media Package


starts at
  • Facebook banner
  • YouTube banner
  • optimized for both platforms
  • designed to your wish
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Logo Design


starts at
  • The base price for a 2D logo
  • Vector Logo
  • Modern, fresh, designed to your wish
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Team Logo DesignMost Popular


starts at
  • Sports Logo / eSports Logo
  • Vector Logo
  • Modern, sporty, professional
  • Most viewed eSports logo video on YouTube speaks for quality
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Intro Video


starts at
  • 30-60 FPS
  • 2D/3D (price can differ for 3D)
  • two versions: uncompressed, compressed
  • designed to your wish
  • -15€ off in combination with Logo Design
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Frequently Asked Questions

Are these the only plans?

Don’t worry, if you want to get something designed by us that we didn’t mention above just use the usual contact form and contact us with detailed information about what you want.

Do you work for free?

Really just a cold no, since I get asked around 10 times a day on YouTube. A professional logo for example takes 1-5 hours in general. As a full-time student, entrepreneur, always-trying-to-earn-new-skills person I just don’t have the time and will to work for free. Then theres also freetime and sports…

Payment methods?

Currently we accept PayPal and international transactions.

What do I get after purchase?

It really depends on what you ordered, but lets answer this question with a few examples.
Lets say you bought a logo, then you will get a highquality package consisting of the vector logo (scalable to any size), JPEG’s, PNG’s and a vector PDF. If you bought an Intro Video you will get two versions, one uncompressed for final highquality, tv-like productions and one compressed to use for YouTube or editing your videos.