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While creating our high quality tutorials on YouTube, theres almost always a moment where we are creating templates, designs and stock footage that could be useful for our subscribers on YouTube, thus we created this download section on armaganvideos.com. With these downloads we are providing our dear subscribers with free templates for their videos (vlog intro/endcard templates), free sketches (team logo sketches) and more. With over 70.000 downloads we’ve helped a lot of people. Since these downloads are completely free we would like to see that you are crediting our work when you are using it, since we still own all the rights to them.

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Type Beat Visual Template (animated/customizable) for Premiere Pro CC (April 2017)

The “Type Beat Visual Template” by ArmaganVideos will enhance your social media presence immensly and kick start your beat/music production business. Tired of having a boring image being displayed while showing your listeners your newest productions? This template will help out and boost your production value by alot. Adjust texts, background colors, enable placeholders for an easier workflow in Premiere Pro and use simple sliders to adjust your texts.

Hours of work done in 10 minutes, trade a few bucks for a new brand identity and precious time!

Flat Design One Page Website with Photoshop and Illustrator

Just sit down one weekend and earn a skill that you can profit from for a long time, it’s easy as that and thats what is seperating YOU from other people. You are here to gain a new skill and go further with your life. This course isn’t about coding a website template, it’s just about the designing process! You’re going to see an in-depth course on how to create TWO flat design and one-page layout websites with Photoshop and Illustrator. Flat design is really the top-notch trend right now, everyone wants to master it and big companies are using it for their products for example Apple with iOS8 and OSX Yosemite, as well as Microsoft with their Metro UI.

Learn flat design with Photoshop and Illustrator now!